Episode 278 – 1917 and other movies!

Episode 278: We’re back! It’s 2020 and The Guardians decided to go to the movies! We went and saw Sam Mendes’ 1917. Then we sat down to discuss our opinions on that movie and everything else we saw in the last couple of months. If you listen very, very carefully, you can hear our friend Danny Seavers offer his opinion. But you have to listen close!

We’ll be back to our regular interviews very shortly! We just wanted to sit down and share our thoughts with you!

Originally recorded 1/8/2020

Episode 278: 1917 and Other Movies!

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Episode 277 – The Guardians Look Back

Episode 277: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The Guardians are on their own, looking back at 2019 and looking ahead to 2020. There is also an announcement concerning the Geek Gala/Muggles Market. It’s the last podcast of the year, and the decade! Bring on the Roaring 20’s – once again. We will see you next decade!

Originally recorded 12/4/2019

Episode 277: The Guardians Look Back

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Episode 276 – Mia Davis, Queen City Cinephiles

Episode 276: The Guardians sit down with our friend Mia Davis, who founded the Queen City Cinephiles. If you are looking for a showcase of independent short films, this group is for you!

Queen City Cinephiles screens short films in Charlotte, NC in a casual film festival atmosphere holding events every other month with Q&A sessions following the screemings. Each event has a unique theme. Be sure to check them out on December 6th, where they will be honoring Disabled Persons Awareness by showcasing short films about characters with disabilities. Event information is listed below!

QCC: December 6th event

Find Queen City Cinephiles on the interwebz!

QCC on Facebook

QCC on Instagram

QCC on Twitter

Information on the December 6th Event

Information on submitting films to QCC

Thirsty Nomad Brewing Company

Originally recorded 10/23/2019

Episode 276: Mia Davis, Queen City Cinephiles

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Episode 274 – Nicole Odom, Dogtopia

Episode 274: The Guardians are known animal lovers. So it was with extreme joy that we welcomed Nicole Odom, owner of Dogtopia in Charlotte. Listen to us wax poetic about puppies and geekdom!

Dogtopia Great Pumpkin Photo Shoot

At Dogtopia, they believe in safe socialization, exercise and education for your furry child. Their dog daycare centers provide the utmost in quality care as they separate each dog by size, temperament and promise evaluated, vaccinated dogs in a supervised environment. You can even watch them play all day via our live webcams! Webcams are available only for paying customers – sorry, Starneslord! They even do holiday themed photo shoots!

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Originally recorded 10/8/19

Episode 274 – Nicole Odom, Dogtopia

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Episode 271 – Sara May’s Gourmet Chocolates

Episode 271: The Guardians gleefully welcome Mary Herrington from Sara May”s Gourmet. Why were we gleeful? Because Mary brought chocolate! Lot’s of chocolate.

Sara May’s Gourmet is 100% Top 14 Allergen Free, small batch, vegan, hand poured gourmet chocolates. From their basic dark chocolate bar to their specialty celebration chocolates , Sara May’s wants you to feel pampered, indulged and excited to be able to have a treat.  And indulge we did! Sara May’s will be at the Muggles Market this November – be sure to stop by and indulge a bit! Sara May’s also make teas! Chances are, if you can’t find Carol the Cat during the Muggles’s Market – she will likely be at the Sara May’s booth!

Sara May’s Gourmet Chocolates

Find Sara May’s on the interwebz!

Sara May’s Chocolates website



Muggle’s Market Information

Originally recorded 9/18/19

Episode 271: Sara May’s Gourmet Chocolates

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