Episode 259: Chuck Carte

Episode 259: Chuck Carte joins us to talk about his upcoming production of Motel Thunderbolt at Albemarle High School. Chuck is a longtime friend to the Guardians. Besides writing and directing theatre, Chuck creates amazing art and builds things (including the Guardians podcasting round table)! Motel Thunderbolt will only have two performances on May 24th and 25th at Albemarle High School, so be sure to check it out!

Chuck Carte

In addition to helping promote his new play, the Guardians are also helping Chuck get books for his kids to read. If you have ANY books (ones you own, ones you find at yard sales, one you wrote yourself) that you are willing to donate – please let us know.

We can arrange pick up if you are local, or you can swing by Geek Gala HQ and leave them in our deckbox on the front porch. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Find Chuck on the Interwebz:

Facebook: Chuck Carte/Carolina Tardis

Facebook: Albemarle High School

Instagram: Carolina Tardis

Twitter: Carolina Tardis

Website: Carolina Tardis

Originally recorded 5/8/19

Episode 259: Chuck Carte

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Episode 257: Author Darin Kennedy

Episode 257: The Guardians are joined by our good friend, Darin Kennedy, doctor by day, novelist by night.

Darin is an author of contemporary and dark fantasy, his debut novel, a paranormal mystery titled The Mussorgsky Riddle, was first published Jan 2015 and was quickly followed by the second and third books in his Fugue & Fable series, The Stravinsky Intrigue and The Tchaikovsky Finale, all available from the fine folks at Falstaff Books. His contemporary fantasy, Pawn’s Gambit, was released Oct 2016, also from Falstaff Books, with the second complete and headed your way soon and the third well underway. That, along with a slew of short stories about hot necromancers, immortal monster hunters and various things that go bump in the night, as well as an unpublished young adult fantasy novel, round out this writer’s somewhat eclectic taste in story subject matter.

Find Darin on the Interwebz:

Website: Darin Kennedy

Facebook: Darin Kennedy, Author

Twitter: Darin Kennedy

Goodreads: Darin Kennedy

Originally recorded 4/10/2019

Episode 257: Darin Kennedy, Author

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Episode 256: William Williams – Paul Mitchell Beauty School Charlotte

Episode 256: William Williams joins the Guardians to talk hair, beauty and upcoming events. If you ever see the Paul Mitchell booth at a convention, stop by for a quick hair, wig or makeup fix!

About the Paul Mitchell Beauty School Charlotte: Located in the heart of Charlotte, on one of the most scenic streets in town, Paul Mitchell Beauty School Charlotte opened its doors in November of 2010. Our 16,000 square-foot school and salon is located in a three-story white-brick building on Elizabeth Avenue. Paul Mitchell the School Charlotte is a top beauty school in Charlotte, North Carolina dedicated to graduating top stylists in a leading nationwide job network.

Find them on the Interwebz:

Facebook: Paul Mitchell The School Charlotte

Website: Paul Mitchell Beauty School Charlotte

Instagram: PMTS Charlotte

Originally recorded 4/3/19

Episode 256: William Wililams – Paul Mitchell Beauty School Charlotte

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